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<title>An Experimental Web Site</title>

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<style type=”text/css”> {background:#ffe;

            border:4px solid #000000;


p {text-align: center;

    font-family: “Arial”;

    font-size: 16pt}


<body aLink=”#000000″ background=”cloud.jpg” bgColor=”#ffffff” link=”#ff0000″

text=”#000000″ vLink=”#aa0000″>
<center><img src=”Header.gif” width=”638″ height=”128″ alt=”Header.gif (7146 bytes)”></center>
<p>I Surf the Net with a Windows 98 PC but I use a

<p>StrongArm RiscOS-4 PC for all my other Computing needs.

<p>I was a Steelworks Design and Development Engineer until

<p>I took early retirement at the end of 1983.

<p>My Computer exercises my Mind – Golf exercises my body
<p align=”center”><font size=”3″>This site is ongoing and will be added to as long as I

have free Web Space</font></p>
<p align=”center”><font size=”4″ color=”#FF0000″><strong>The panels below are all

<table class=”one” width=”94%” align=”center”> 



 <a href=”Link/FirstLink.htm”><img src=”Learning.gif” width=”247″

height=”69″ alt=”Learning.gif (1665 bytes)” align=”left” hspace=”12″ vspace=”12″ border=”0″</a>

<a href=”my_web_site/page_1.htm”><img src=”Website.gif” width=”196″ height=”62″ alt=”Website.gif (1369 bytes)” align=”left” hspace=”12″ vspace=”12″ border=”0″</a>


<a href=”MySetUp/mysetup.html”><img src=”MyComputer.gif” width=”183″ height=”61″ alt=”MyComputer.gif (2105 bytes)” align=”left” hspace=”12″ vspace=”12″ border=”0″</a>

<a href=”The iPad/My iPad.html”><img src=”iPad Button.gif” width=”150″ height=”61″ alt=”iPad Button.gif (2500 bytes)” align=”left” hspace=”12″ vspace=”12″ border=”0″</a>



<h5>This page was updated and brought in line with HTML 4.0 Transitional in Sept.04</h5> 

<!– Badge code modified – Removed ‘refer’ code to allow it to access validator home page. –>


          <a href=””><img border=”0″


          alt=”Valid HTML 4.0!” height=”31″ width=”88″></a> 

<font size=”3″> Badge to show that code has been validated. – Click on it to access validator</font>





About Ancient Brit

Getting on in years. I am now 88 and for my sins have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer but my grandma always told me that if the Lord had wanted me to smoke he would have put a chimney on my head. 😀 For those in peril, I stopped smoking 33 years ago having smoked seriously for slightly longer.

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