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<p>I Surf the Net with a Windows 98 PC but I use a

<p>StrongArm RiscOS-4 PC for all my other Computing needs.

<p>I was a Steelworks Design and Development Engineer until

<p>I took early retirement at the end of 1983.

<p>My Computer exercises my Mind – Golf exercises my body
<p align=”center”><font size=”3″>This site is ongoing and will be added to as long as I

have free Web Space</font></p>
<p align=”center”><font size=”4″ color=”#FF0000″><strong>The panels below are all

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I would prefer that you read a little of the ‘ABOUT’ (link above) before you surf the site. You may well find it a better introduction than this homepage.

What have we got here ?

This site was set up in 2011 when the BBC decided to offload h2g2, the first social internet group that I joined and a group that I still frequent from time to time.
I have decided to update it and use it to pull together my computing/Internet activities.

Over the years I have dabbled with creating my own Web Page. My main attempt was using Virgin Medias free web space. I worked with a desk top computer running Windows. The site is in the main hand coded using ‘notepad’ as a text editor for HTML code. The site was last updated in 2007 and the final rendition can be found here :-
Now at the age of 85 in the year of our lord 2013 I have turned my attention to an Apple iPad and intend to restrict my computing hobby to what I can get out of this fascinating little machine. I have been using the iPad for around 18 months having bought it for my wife for her 82nd. birthday. She is now the proud owner of the model with a retina display. Letting me use her ‘old’ iPad to pursue my retirement hobby.

I am signed up to BBC via their single sign up system, this gives me access to the h2g2 community, where my ID is Ancient Brit. The link to my space (h2g2 blog) is here :-
Some of h2g2 can be found here :-

The battle for h2g2 is here :- – lead by Ben :-

I am new to blogging sites like this and Blogspot – Not sure if blogging will give me what I am looking for. H2g2 is a hard act to follow.

I note there is a word count, not sure why. The auto. draft save just has to be a useful feature. Must learn more.

I have found :- and believe it is the best place to start.

I have already found that this page is not unlike my space in h2g2. Relatively easy to edit as you go along.

It automatically recognises URL’s and makes a clickable link. Not sure whether the spell checker is also automatic or whether it comes about because of features set on my computer.

Interested to see how the community, if a community exists, reacts to this post.

I wandered around from this page. Clicking on links that caught my eye. Would you believe I finished here :-

Two other sites of interest :-

Moving on I am thinking of trying to link in to an old school friend of mine who goes back 70+ years. I will call him Snack, his nickname of old, and should he go along with the idea I hope that he will respect my anonymity and call me Steep or AB, the short form of Ancient Brit the user name I adopt wherever I can.

My mate wasn’t interested.

I’m thinking of adding the golf videos sent to me by :-  “Dean Stickler –

Perhaps I should start another page. ?